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Activities in the SCA are as diverse and interesting as the many members.  It is no different in the Canton of Sudentorre, and talking to any of our populace will introduce you to many new topics.

There are many types of martial activities, such as:

  • Heavy Fighting: 
  • Rapier (aka Fencing): 
  • Archery: 
  • Thrown Weapons: 

Not everything in the SCA revolves around fighting (though there may be some fighters who would disagree).  There are also many other activities to engage in, such as:

  • Arts & Sciences:  This is a very broad topic that can include anything from calligraphy and illumination, to sewing, to researching ancient techniques for making paper, or any number of other fascinating topics.
  • Bardic:  The art of entertaining via song, poetry, storytelling.
  • Performing Arts: Not only is this an activity for acting and performing theatrical works, but also for researching and learning about the many types of performing arts throughout history, such as Commedia dell'Arte.
  • Dance: 
  • Sewing:  This is also a very broad category that has innumerable aspects, not only in reseaching and re-creating clothing from around the world and in many time periods, but also pertaining to weaving, dyeing, spinning.