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Gallery Rules & Releases

Photographer Release Forms and Model Release Forms are required for photos taken either in private areas or are of a portrait style that highlights a particular person or group (either at a private event, or in a private setting at a public event).  Please see the attached SCA Release Rules on when Photographer and Model Release forms are required for the web site.  If you have any questions regarding the proper use of release forms or to have any image removed from the gallery, please contact the Webminister for assistance.

Release Forms are available below:

To submit photos for the gallery:

  1. Fill out the necessary releases as detailed above.
  2. Email your photos and releases to the Webminister, using the email address listed on this Contact Form.  
  3. Include any descriptions that should accompany the photos, as well as what category they should be saved to.
  4. Please don't send more than 10 photos and releases at a time.
  5. On receipt, the images will be resized for best viewing and saved to the site along with the releases.

Please allow up to two weeks for photos to be available on the site.