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Welcome to the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) !

Greetings to you,

I am Mistress Blitha of Wolfhou, the local SCA group's Chatelaine. In the SCA, we may choose a more Medieval sounding name to go by. Blitha is the name I have chosen. Otherwise, I am Barbara Miller. A Chatelaine is one who helps others feel welcome, and a resource for answering your questions. I have charge of our group's boxes of clothes that you may borrow from when going to your first few weekend Events. And when you decide what style of clothes you would like, I can help you to make your own. I would like to welcome you personally to our local chapter of the SCA. We are called the Canton of Sudentorre, and are a part of the Barony of Steirbach, which is a part of the Kingdom of Atlantia. You are free to contact me by email.

The Canton of Sudentorre is a group of fun young and older folks who are interested in the people, history, life and cultures of those who lived between 400 AD to 1600 AD. Most focus on cultures in Europe or countries linked to Europe by exploration, trade or travel. To do this, we study on our own, teach each other, make items of those cultures, and try using them. Topics are as diverse as your interests! Experiencing is a fun way of learning about the past.

We have several meetings each week, and you are welcome to just show up at any of them:

  • Regularly, we meet on Tuesdays at the Campus Christian Center from 7 to 9 pm, except for the 3rd Tuesday of the month. Activities may include singing, story-telling, crafting, dancing, or our general monthly business and planning meeting.
  • We regularly meet on Sunday afternoons at House Wolfhou in southern Stafford County, from about 2:30 to 8:00 pm. Activities on Sunday include archery, thrown weapons, sewing and other string and thread arts, special projects, and whatever else the populace is interested in learning about.
  • Rapier practices are at the Dorothy Hart Center on Tuesday evenings at 6 pm.
  • There are other activities also in the area such as a Calligraphy and Illumination group, Heavy Combat practices (the fighting style of knights in shining armor), and Rapier practices.
  • In addition to the Canton of Sudentorre's local meetings, we sometimes go to weekend "Events". These are hosted by other groups or our group, and people come from miles around. At these weekend events, we dress in "an attempt of Medieval clothing", turn off our electronic devices, enjoy a Medieval-inspired day, and often wind the day up with a Medieval Feast of many courses.

Dates, times, locations, and directions to any of our gatherings may be found in the Locations and Activities sections of this site. Event information may be found listed under Events in the menu.

I look forward to talking with you and meeting you in person!

And I am yours in service,

Mistress Blitha of Wolfhou